Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about 3D Scanning and the MEandU App

Frequently Asked Questions

Scanning FAQ's

  • What is a 3D Scan?
A 3D scan is a virtual representation of you in three dimensions. So with a 3D scan we capture you from every perspective and create a virtual mesh called an avatar  in full color as you look when you get scanned. So you appear in the computer, mobile device, tablet as a miniature version of yourself. You can rotate your avatar, move, and scale your avatar on your tablet or phone using our proprietary app MEandU. 
  • Why would I want a 3D Scan? 
Why would you want a photograph or yourself? Same thing, only in significantly more detail and with many more possibilities. Photos are so 20th Century. Why not get a scan of your kids or relatives as they appear today that you will have forever. It is much more personal, fun, and the technology of what we can do with it is growing all of the time.
  • What can I do with the 3D Scan?
Once we have you as an avatar we can 3D print you into a miniature physical object using a 3D printer. Our app will even create a miniature hologram of you over your tablet or phone, pretty cool! Also via our app you can take a snapshot of yourself over any background image that you have on your phone, for instance you could place yourself in a photo next to the Eiffel Tower and text it or post it on social media. Eventually we will also be able to put your virtual self right into a video game where you will truly be part of the action!
  • Can I wear a costume?
Yes! We have a changing room at our location. So you could wear different costumes and outfits and get scanned in each of them.
  • How long does it take?
We can do a full body scan of you in thirty seconds. It takes one turn on a slowly rotating platform.
  • Does it hurt? Doesn't it shoot lasers at me or something?
No. It does not hurt and there are no lasers involved. We use the same technology used with the Kinect. Without getting too technical the scanners look for IR shadows of you which they do with a high degree of accuracy (
  • What does it cost?
A full body scan costs $10 per/scan. Pricing subject to change.
  • How does it work?
You will stand on a gently rotating platform for one turn. We use two-four separate scanners to capture your entire body and combine the results from each scanner in a full body avatar. The technology used is the same as in a Kinect.
  • Can you scan pets?
No currently we  can not scan pets. The scanning process requires that the subject getting scanned stays very still, and animals move too much. However, we are working on it and expect to be able to do this within the next few months. We still have some tricks up our sleeve.
  • This is cool, where do I go to get scanned?
 We are located at 522 Northamption St in Historic Downtown Easton, PA. Sorry rest of the world, we will get to you later.
  • What else can I do with the 3D scan?
We can create a 3D figurine of you using a 3D printer on site. And in the near term we will provide other creative printing options such as key chains, bobble heads, plaques with your face, and more. The possibilities really are endless.
We can also create a miniature hologram of you using what is called a projection pyramid that we sell in our store. It is very cool. Once you have been scanned and downloaded your avatar to our app, for a small paid upgrade you can view the holographic version of your self. We have a scaled up (and actual sized) version on display in our store. Come check us out!
  • Can you make me thinner?
The short answer is YES WE CAN! We can make alterations to the avatar once we have captured it. So if you want to see how you would look minus the last few trips to the local fatty food joint we can do that. But it requires some technical 3D magic so there will be a fee depending on the alterations you want. We can also change colors, height, and many other changes based on your request. Speak to one of our representatives in the store.
  • Do you share my information with anyone?
Definitely not! We are customers too and believe strongly in privacy. We will not share any of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with third parties except where necessary to support your order. See our privacy policy for details.
  • I don't want anyone to have a copy of my scan, it's a little creepy!
After you get scanned we place a copy of that scan in a secure location in the cloud so that you can download it to your device or share it as you wish. We will NEVER share or view your scan after you have had it done without your permission. And only as necessary to support your order. An example of viewing your scan would be to print you if you choose to get a 3D print. We will NEVER share your scan with anyone.
If you choose, we will delete any copies in the cloud of your scan after you have downloaded it. You will have the ONLY copy of your scan at that point. You can then share it or not at your leisure. Please just notify our staff that you do not want any copies of your scan to exist.
  • Can I make an appointment?
Yes! Call us at 610-438-1432 to make an appointment.
  • What is next for this technology?
We have many cool ideas planned for the future. Some things we are working on are:
  • (Done!) Connecting with and sharing your avatar with other MEandU users
  • Creating an animated version of yourself ( so moving your body parts in the app)
  • Games in the app with your avatar.
  • Wedding cake toppers and holograms
  • (Done! see us for full color prints) Full color 3D prints
  • (some other really cool ideas that we'd like to keep under wraps right now, stay tuned!)
  • This is awesome. Can I become part of the team?
As this becomes a resounding success, we will move with the technology and own this space. We want creative, smart, people to be a part of the team in both sales and technology. We believe in a diverse and fun environment and looking forward to becoming a productive part of the Lehigh Valley community and beyond. So yes, we will be hiring in the near future. Stay tuned!

MEandU® App FAQ's

  • What can I do with the MEandU app?
The MEandU app was developed by us for storing and viewing your personal avatar, and for that matter any other 3D objects that you want to view. The basic free features include the ability to view, scale, rotate, and move your avatar. You can change the background scene behind the avatar and take a snapshot that can be saved as a photo, sent as a text, or uploaded to any social media sites that you use. You can view up to 5 objects in the free version of the app.
With the $2 paid upgrade (in app purchase) you can view up to 25 objects and see them as holographic images over your device using a project pyramid that we sell in the store. 
  • Is it available for Android and iPhone?
Yes we have versions of the app for iPhone (requires ios 8.0+) and Android (requires 4.0+) which can be found in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
Windows and other mobile OS's are not currently supported.
  • How much does it cost?
The app is free for viewing up to 5 objects. Up to 25 objects and the holographic display version is a $2 upgrade.
  • How does the Hologram feature work?
The hologram feature works by creating four views of your object and projecting them onto a projection pyramid (sold separately). We slowly rotate the object and show a small heart in orbit around that object. We will be adding new features to the hologram view in the near future to allow you to change the orbit object.
  • Can I share objects/scans with other users?
Absolutely, you can share your avatar or objects with other MEandU® users directly from the app.