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Earth and Moon Hologram

Holograms, Holograms, Holograms

We have all seen holograms in the movies. The iconic Princess Leia hologram when she tells Obi-Wan Kenobi that "Your my only hope". We've always heard there coming just like flying cars, now you can have you very own. Well technically there no true holograms in the real world outside of physics labs that cost millions of dollars with teams of people working on them and really who has time for all that. But we have the next best thing. It's is called a "Pepper's Ghost" and it is used in Amusement Parks and by Special Effects folks around the world to create the illusion of a hologram. Examples of the Pepper's Ghost effect include Disney's Haunted Mansion and the Tupac Shakur hologram on stage. So needless to say they can be very cool indeed.


Details, Details, Details

To make the magic work on a phone or tablet you need a little doohickey (the technical term) called a Projection Pyramid that you set on your device. The pyramid has four semi transparent pains of plastic that the phone projects the image on to. This creates the illusion of a hologram floating over your phone! Pretty cool right. The hard work is in creating the video that produces the hologram, and that is where we enter the stage.

We have the ability to design and create an animation video that is designed to be played on a phone, tablet, or even a TV set! We can create these videos for all kinds of applications that are perfect for individuals, museums, special occasions, business, wherever magic is needed. 

Or you can use our MEandU app to hologram any 3D object. Download it at the App Store or Google Play. We can put your objects into an account that only you can access. The applications here are endless, from highlighting your products in 3D, to sharing your 3D Avatar from a scan in our store. 

And check our baby Sonogram hologram videos that we produce from a baby's heartbeat. All we need is the audio and we can generate a beautiful hologram animating your baby's heart that you will have forever.

Princess Leia Hologram

Thanks to Stephen Dufresne for creating this awesome iconic hologram video. You can find the original hologram at http://bit.ly/297NcjL 

What would I do with a hologram?

There are a number of application for hologram video's that can apply to individuals, businesses, museums, and entertainers of all varieties. Here are some ideas.

For Individuals

Think of a hologram of a loved one as another medium to remember them, like a picture but with a whole new dimension. A scan of someone is unlike any photo that you have every had, it gives you the complete package not just a single view like with an old fashioned photograph. Seeing your loved one floating in a hologram is another keepsake that you will have forever. Our app makes this possible and you can share that scan easily with anyone! Using a phone projection pyramid you can take it anywhere!

Expecting a baby? We have created a hologram that animates the beating of the baby's heart with orbiting heart beat lines. It's very mysterious and interesting to get in touch with a brand new life in this way and is increasing in popularity. Check out our Sonogram Hologram order page, all we need is the audio from the baby's heartbeat.

For Businesses

The applications here are endless. Imagine a DJ with a hologram of himself floating in the air and dancing. Or picture a floating Earth with the moon orbiting precisely in mid air, or a roaring dinosaur. Holograms in store windows create a great way to draw in customers. We have TV sized Projection Pyramids that can be used to create very large holograms that you can use to attract attention and highlight your products and services in a brand new and compelling way.