3D Scanning

3D Scanning of people and pets! Fast, affordable, painless, and starting at only $30!

3D Scans are done in our store and are fun, quick, and painless. The scanning process involves standing in the center of our scanning rig for 2-3 seconds where we snap 70 photographs simultaneously. In addition to individual adults we now offer scans of small groups (3-4 people), small children, and pets. Our scanning process allows us preserve you in stunning detail forever!

View your scan in Augmented Reality with our MEandU2 App, get a 3D Figurine, or 3D Photo. Only $30 for a non-animated scan or $45 for a fully animated scan that is viewable in our app.

Note that our App is currently only available for Android 7.0+ and Augmented Reality requires a phone running Googles ARCore app. Google ARCore can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.  An iPhone version will be coming soon

Purchase online and then call us at 610-438-1432 or email us at 3dreactions@jodaent.com to make an appointment!

Recorded from the MEandU2 App

How It Works!

So how do we pull of this magic trick. Please watch our You Tube video for a great Visual on how we take a group of snapshots and turn them into a fully animated Avatar in Augmented Reality.  For the customer point of view it only takes a few seconds. You stand in our 3D Scanning Rig for 2-3 seconds where we snap 70 photos of you. That's it, you can also take go in there with a few friends to get a 3D Model as a group or even bring your pet. Check out the video at the next stop on this page.

Interested in a 3D Printed Figurine Instead? Check them out here

3D Scan - In Store


Capture yourself or loved ones in amazing detail with one of our 3D scans. We capture your image with 70 cameras simultaneously and the process takes only seconds. We then stitch all of those photographs into a 3D Object called an Avatar that we can use to create a 3D Printed figurine, a beautiful 3D photo (unlike any photograph you've ever had), and we can upload your Avatar into our awesome MEandU2 app. In our app you can view yourself in Augmented Reality, if you have a opt to get the animated scan you can see your avatar dance, move, jump, and more inside our app. 


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Do It Yourself 3D Scan

1 - Just Take A 360 video of a Person or Object

2 - Order Below and upload your video during checkout process

* Above is the video YOU take (sample video is sped up)

3 - We make your object and load it to your account

4 - Open MEandU2 and view it in Augmented Reality

* Above is a video taken from the MEandU2 app showing the real and virtual object together. (the real object is not as shiny as it appears in the video, optical camera illusion:)) 

3D Scan - Do It Yourself - Basic Scan


New! Create a 3D Scan of yourself at home or wherever you choose, by simply taking a short video of yourself. Then send us your video and we will turn your video into a 3D Avatar that can be uploaded to your phone, viewed in full Augmented Reality, and shared with Family and Friends. We can also 3D Print your 3D Scan and send you a figurine or create a beautiful and unique 3D Photo.

The process is simple but will require 2 people:

  1. Grab a phone or camera, the better the quality camera the better the result
  2. Give your phone to a family member or friend
  3. Stand still and have the other person walk around you while taking a video. Move as little as possible
  4. Create an account on 3DReactions.com and place a "3D Scan - Do It yourself " order
  5. Upload your video during the checkout process when you reach the "Billing" page

In a few days we will email you to let you know that your scan is ready. Then simply go into the MEandU2 app and your Avatar will download to your phone automatically!

By the WAY! This process will work for just about anything you want to scan. Simply walk around your object shooting a video and then send us the video and we will make it into 3D Virtual Model for you than can be downloaded and viewed in our app.


 Results may vary depending on the object you scan, the quality of the video, and if the object moves at all during the video process. 

  Make sure that you object has some texture to it. For instance an object that is all black, white or other color will not scan well! The photogrammetry process requires some texture in order to build a 3D Model.

  When scanning an object, do not rotate or move the object. Make sure that you walk around the object. This is an important consideration, simply rotating an object will not work.


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