Welcome to MEandU®

Welcome to MEandU® where you can view, text, and share 3D objects easily.


 Get Started!

To get started simply swipe from the left side of the page or hit the menu button at the top left of the screen to go to the login page and create an account!

Tips and Tricks

  • If your object looks dim, repeatedly tap the brightness intensity button ic_brightness_20.png to make your object brighter.

  • To move your object tap and hold on your object until you see "moving.." at the lower left corner of your screen. Then drag the object to where you want it

  • Snapshot your Avatar, save a photo and then you can use that as a background for other snapshots. That is how we created the images above. There are all kinds of possibilities here

  • To see your hologram better, turn up the brightness of your device and view your object against a dark background. You will be able to see your object much clearer

Whats New!

We have recently added some really cool features for you to use, including:

  • Object Sharing - Share your Avatar from the Cloud Objects Page

  • Object Saving - We save the position of your object and bring them back where you left them

  • Orbit Objects - Change the object Orbiting your main object in the hologram view. Options are Moon, Heart, or none. More comming

What is MEandU®?

Ever wanted a 3D avatar of your kids, parents, or other objects? MEandU® is a 3D object viewer that allows you easily view a 3D object in OBJ file format. Or you can come to 3DReactions® at our location in Historic Downtown Easton, PA to get a scan of yourself from which we will generate a virtual avatar that you can then share with family and friends.