Custom Nightlights, 3D Effect Photos, Personal Figurines, 3D Scans, and more!

Lenticular Photos - Custom


Bring your photos to life in ways you never thought possible with our custom lenticular pictures, aka 3D effect photos. Lenticular pictures can be created from any traditional 2D image so we can convert your old photos into a unique lenticular photo giving them a 3D effect that they never had. The process of creating a lenticular photo takes a few days and is accomplished by breaking your original photos into layers by our experienced team. We then apply a special lense that we laminate over top of the image which tricks your eye into perceiving depth. 

We can also incorporate new features into your photo. Have someone or something that you want taken out or removed from your photo, just let us know and our team will work with you to make those alterations. We can also add new backgrounds, create flip photos, and more.

Click 'Add To Cart' to get started. Simply select the size you want, create an account, upload your photo, and pay online. We will call you to get started.


Lenticular Photos - Flip


Flip out a little with 3DReactions with one of our Flip Photos.

Looking to do something different with your old photos? We can combine two photos into one, inside one picture. It's called a flip. You send us two photos and we can turn them into one picture that changes scenes from one image to the other. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around that take a look at our video. Best results come when you have a central figure and a static background like in our example but we can make a flip out of just about any two photos.

Don't do the same old thing. Do something different with 3DReactions, it's just the right thing to do,  and let us bring your photos to life. Prices range from $30 for a 4x6 to $70 for an 11x14 not including the frame. You will have it forever:)

Or if you just want to learn more;

Contact us for details at or phone us at 610-438-1432. Or visit our website at

Flip Picture
Price and Size Options
  • $30 - 4x6 inches
  • $30 - 5x7 inches
  • $50 - 8x10 inches
  • $70 - 11x14 inches
Price Range

$30 - $70

Order Instructions
  1. Click 'Add To Cart' to get started. Simply select the size you want, create an account, and pay online.
  2.  Then email us your 2 photos after you checkout to
  3.  Please make sure that you email us high resolution pictures to get the best effect.


Stock Lenticular Pictures - 12x16 inches


Select from any of our beautiful stock 12x16 inch Lenticular Pictures aka 3D effect pictures. These pictures have to be seen to be believed. The images pop right out of the paper, you will find your self trying to grab the images out of thin air.

If you don't see something you like try our other stock sized of 16x16, 11x14, 8x10, or 5x7. If you still can't find something you like we will create on for you. Just check out our custom lenticular page and you can upload your own photo that we will work our magic on and return to you as a 3D photo in a few days! 

Click the link above to see them all!


Night Lights - Lithophane

Product Description

A lithophane is an ancient art of etched or molded artwork in very thin translucent material that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source. It is a design or scene in intaglio(an Italian form of print making) that appears "en grisaille" (in gray) tones. We can turn any picture into a lithophane print starting at $50.00 (includes night light), so bring your favorite pictures down and let see what we can make!

  • Lithophane
  • Nightlight w/clip for lithophane
Price and Size Options

All Night Lights are 4" wide. The height will vary based on the aspect ratio of the original image


Bas-Relief - 3D Print


Do something different to customize your photos, or give them something they do not have! We can customize just about anything with a photo or 3D scan of you. An example is the snowflake with a picture of a baby ingrained using one of our 3D Printers. This effect known as "bas-relief" uses an actual picture that is etched into a snowflake in this case, however we could use this process to do almost anything!

We can customize this snowflake or one of many shapes to include an image that you upload. During the checkout process you will be asked to upload an image or you may email your image to us at

Product Size
Yes+ $20.00

3D Scan - In Store


Capture yourself or loved ones in amazing detail with one of our 3D scans. We capture your image with 70 cameras simultaneously and the process takes only seconds. We then stitch all of those photographs into a 3D Object called an Avatar that we can use to create a 3D Printed figurine, a beautiful 3D photo (unlike any photograph you've ever had), and we can upload your Avatar into our awesome MEandU2 app. In our app you can view yourself in Augmented Reality, if you have a opt to get the animated scan you can see your avatar dance, move, jump, and more inside our app. 

Product Restrictions

You must come into our store to redeem this purchase. The scanning process is very fast and only requires that you stand still for 2-3 seconds. Post processing time takes up to 24 hours if you want to have your avatar on your phone via our awesome MEandU2 app.


Full Color 3D Prints


A sample of our full color prints. These prints are printed on paper and come out as a little block of wood. They are 100% eco friendly and include incredible detail. The starting price for this print is $150 for a 7.5cm print and go up from there.

Full color prints can not currently be purchased on line. See us in our store for more detail on pricing.


3D Print - Full Body



A 3D Print from head to toe in sizes from 4cm to 10cm high starting at $36. Your figurine can be printed in Clear, White, Grey, or Black plastic with an optional Base that can be printed on the the bottom of the print. We can also print an optional pattern on the base for an additional fee.

Top this off with one of our lighted bases for the best overall effect!


3D Printed Bust


A 3D Printed Bust from the waist up in sizes from 4=5cm to 10cm high starting at $40. Your figurine can be printed in Clear, White, Grey, or Black plastic with an optional Base that can be printed on the the bottom of the print. We can also print an optional pattern on the base for an additional fee.

Top this off with one of our lighted bases for the best overall effect!


Candle Holder Print


A beautiful candle holder print. Place a small led candle light in the holder behind this print and it illuminates the bust making it glow. This makes a great keepsake! 


3D Printed Keychain


A small 3D print of you from the shoulders up on a small key chain sized plaque that you can hang or keep handy with your keys. The material is plenty tough enough to keep your pocket or purse. The 3D scan only takes a minute and the can be printed in Clear, White, Grey, or black plastic.

We can print an optional pattern on the base for you for an added fee.



Rotating LED Lighted Base


A small rotating LED lighted base for your 3D print. These come with black or silver base colors and can have either white or multi-color LED lights


Projection Pyramid


A small Projection Pyramid for displaying hologram videos, objects, or avatars from the MEandU® app or any hologram video.

The Projection Pyramid is designed to work in conjunction with a specially created video that projects an image onto all four panes of the pyramid. This gives the illusion of an object floating over your device. The enclosed Projection Pyramids include the following:

  • A tinted paned pyramid. These have a protective film on them so please remove the film before viewing.

  • A suction cup. Attach this by pulling the pyramid apart at the seam and inserting the suction cup at the bottom. The glue on seam is designed to be reused so once you have the suction cup in simply reattach on the seam and it will stick back together nicely.

  • A cleaning cloth. They pyramids tend to collect fingerprints easily.


*Note: All print pricing noted above is the minimum price and will vary based on the actual size of the print

**Some complex scans such scans as with instruments or other props may be up to $20 depending on the complexity of the scanning required. (this is not typical)

***Pricing above does not include PA sales tax