Bas-Relief Products

Bas-Relief 3D Prints from your photos or your designs!

Cat on Heart - Copper Plated

Dog with Santa Hat

Wedding Photo

Select from one of our beautifully design Bas-Relief prints that we generate from your own photos! The Bas-Relief is from the Italian basso rilievo; and simply means to project an image with an overall shallow depth. We create this magic with a 3D Printer using an image that you supply us either during the checkout process or from a photo that you email us.

As you can see from the photos we can change the shape of the surface that the image is etched on. you can choose from a simple square, snowflake, heart, circle,  or throw something new at us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We can add a loop to these prints so that you can use your bas-relief to decorate a tree or hang it where you can always see it. Or we can attach a magnet and you can proudly display it on a refrigerator or other convenient location.

We can copper plate your print as well and finish it off with a dark patina to bring out the features of the print. Using this process we turn your bas-relief into a sturdy copper medallion that gives it a classy look that will last forever. Simply add the copper plating as an option to your order and give us a few extra days to work our magic on it.


Bas-Relief - 3D Print


Do something different to customize your photos, or give them something they do not have! We can customize just about anything with a photo or 3D scan of you. An example is the snowflake with a picture of a baby ingrained using one of our 3D Printers. This effect known as "bas-relief" uses an actual picture that is etched into a snowflake in this case, however we could use this process to do almost anything!

We can customize this snowflake or one of many shapes to include an image that you upload. During the checkout process you will be asked to upload an image or you may email your image to us at

Price and Size Options

Sizing does not affect the price. Size range from 2 inches wide to 4 inches wide. The height will be determined by the aspect ratio your photo so that we do not distort your image.

Yes+ $20.00