Avatar Viewer

Our Virtual Avatar Viewer

Welcome to the 3DReactions™ online viewer. This is is a demo viewer for some of our 3D store scans. Come see us at our store in historic downtown Easton, PA. at 522 Northampton St. and get scanned to view yours online or using our MEandU® app so that you can cherish your memories in 3D forever. 

Viewer Instructions

Select an object by clicking or tapping on "choose your object"

Click or Tap the ic_brightness.png below to turn the directional lighting off. Turn off for viewing Avatars for best result

Left Click and drag to view the object from different perspectives

Right Click and drag to move the object around. (sorry mobile users no way to move the object right now)

Like our Viewer? Own a business where you would like to advertise your products in 3D? Our viewer software is totally portable and could be easily placed on your website where your products could be advertised in full 3D. Give us a call today at our store in Historic Downtown Easton, PA at 610-432-1438 or email us at 3dreactions@jodaent.com