Ideas For your graduation photos

Congrats Grads - Ideas for Your Graduation Photos

Congratulations Graduates! Today’s installment of Lenticular Flip Picture Ideas is dedicated to #graduation. To graduates of all ages, we say ‘Hooray, you did it’.  It is an accomplishment to be proud of.


Capture this special time with a unique Lenticular Flip Picture. They are a magical way to combine several of your photos into one. As you walk by or turn your flip picture, it will transition from one image to another.


Here are just a few graduate flip ideas:


  • High School Graduation photo flips to College Graduation photo

  • Graduation Photo flips to the Announcement

  • Several of your Grad photos flipping from one to another

  • Younger you flips to a Graduation you

  • And many more. Let your ideas fly!


Just provide us with your photos and we’ll do the rest. We always do our best to clean up your photos and can fix many issues. Visit our page to learn more about Lenticular Printing 


Our Flip Photo sizes range from wallet size to 12×16″. Also available in a fun keychain. Reduced pricing is available for duplicates and bulk orders to hand out to family and friends!


Feel free to reach out to us at or visit our shop for more info. Stay tuned for our next Flip Photo idea.