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January 12, 2019



We are happy to introduce our newly redesigned Lithophane Nightlights. If your not familiar with a LIthophane is an ancient art of etched or molded artwork in very thin translucent material that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source. It is a design or scene in intaglio (an Italian form of print making) that appears "en grisaille" (in gray) tones. We use this technique to create a 3D Printed image from a customers photo.

This is our third generation of Lithophane Nighlights. We believe in constantly improving our products and that is no exception here. We started by creating Lithophanes using a Prusa i3 1.5 rework printer using white PLA filament. For version 1 of our nightlights we created clips that attached to a plugin night light, the lithophane (the print with the image on it) then sat on top of this clip. The quality of the print was good but for images with a lot of detail the Prusa i3 1.5 could not provide the amount of detail we really wanted. Further the clips worked well but tended to wear down after a while and the lithophnes were not sitting perfectly square after a long time of use. We needed something better.

For version 2 we modified our Lithphones to hang in front of the night light rather than clipping from the bottom. This provided a classier look and the lithophane sat much more stable on the nightlight. We use a thick wire that attaches to the back of the nightlight using a specially designed clip that we created and print in house. In addition we started printing the Lithophanes using our Form Labs Form 2 printer using a white acrylic resin. This printer has much higher resolution capability than is possible using an FFF style 3D Printer. This generation of night light was of higher quality and gave us the capability of printing photos with more people and much more detail. Be were were not done. We just weren't happy with the frame. The picture looks great but the frame around the picture needed something else.

That brings us to our latest. To start with we extended the top part of the frame over the image slightly giving us some space to work with. Then we used our own pictures for the Scroll and Vine frames to trace out nice new patterns for the top and used Blender to create an inward extrusion of those patterns. Likewise making the heart pattern was very simple using Blender and also extruded inward. Extruding inward allows those patterns to light up like the images. We have also beveled the edges all around the standard frames and modified our process for embedding the image to make the entire process more efficient.

We are happy with end result and have now started to market these products across all of our advertising mediums. We will be adding more patterns as time goes on and we have additional plans to add new types of Lithophane products like Lithophane Cubes and Rotating Cylinders. We hope you love the new ones as much as we do!

 June 20, 2018


Scanning 3.0 is HERE! Come visit us in the future!

After a significant amount of effort we are happy to announce that we have completed our new 3D Scanner. We call it the Hexo Scanner 70 A (HS70A) and it works using a process called photogrammetry to capture up to 70 individual images simultaneously. The name Hexo comes from the scanner shape which is a Hexogram (or a 6 six-sided polygon for you geometry fans), Scanner for obvious reasons, 70 because it has 70 cameras, and A because it is the first version of this scanner. 

When we started this journey of ours, a 3D scan of a person could take 3 minutes and required a person to stand still on a rotating platform while we used a kinect scanner that would move up and down to capture the full image of a person. This was version 1.0. A person would have to rotate several times while holding still to get the full image. Not a very customer friendly experience and would not allow us to do groups, small children or pets.

Version 2.0 used multiple kinect scanners together to scan all parts of a person while they rotated on the scanning platform only 1 time. This reduced the scan time to 30-40 seconds. The Kinect images were then combined to create one 3D mesh of a person or object. This was better but we still had problems with any kind of movement during the scan and created most of the same limitations that we had with version 1 of our scanner.

We needed to do something different. Feedback from our customers showed that most people want to get scanned with someone else at the same time, wanted to scan their small children, or scans of their pets. So we abandoned our original model of using Kinect style scanners and decided to use the process of photogrammetry. This would allow us to use an array of normal cameras to capture a person or object from many perspectives in 1-2 seconds. Using special software we can then take all of the different images and stitch them together into a 3D mesh of a person (Avatar) or object. Further because we can do this so quickly we can scan small children and pets who have a hard time staying still. This gives us the ability to create a fully textured photo quality scan of someone very quickly, including in the ability to scan someone in a pose.

Having the ability to scan someone in a pose opens up the possibility to create an Avatar of someone that can be computer animated. Scanning someone in a TPOSE, which means standing with your arms out to your sides, palms down, and feet slightly separated; allows us insert a bone structure into the virtual avatar. Once we do this we can tell the computer which parts of the body to move with each bone, this is called skinning. This is how animated characters work in computer animation and we can do that now quickly and efficiently with any customer. So imagine yourself in a video game or in virtual or augmented reality. Watch our video on our How we do it on you tube.

Getting a animated scan allows us to upload you into our new MEandU2 app where we can place you into Augmented Reality on your phone. So you use your camera to view the world, then simply place your virtual avatar into the scene. You can then make your character dance, celebrate, run, jump, and more! 

September 8, 2017


Chocolate Printing from 3DReactions & Chocodiem

It was a media event yesterday at the Easton Public Market!

3DReactions and Chocodiem have partnered to bring 3D Chocoloate printing to the Lehigh Valley! We have invested in the Choc Edge 2 plus printer for printing chocolate goodness in almost any shape that we desire. This printer allows us to quickly create and print anything from names, logos, and even 3D Models in delicious dark Belgian chocolate. JP Hepp, who owns Chocodiem, makes the best chocolate, they were voted one of the top 10 Chocolatiers in North America for a reason. If you love chocolate (or even if you don't) you need to check them out in Easton Public Market.

We had some great coverage of this event by Lehigh Valley Live, The Morning Call, Leigh Valley Business, and WFMZ 69 news among others. We did a demo of the 3D Chocolate printer for the media with various logos and names. Below you find links to the articles and videos from the media including a spot on segment on 69 News at 5 on September 7, 2017.

Look for us to start offering commercial 3D chocolate printing very soon. Contact 3DReactions or Chocodiem for details



The Morning Call


Lehigh Valley Live


Lehigh Valley Business




September 3, 2017



Scanning 3.0 Coming Very soon

 When we started this journey it was with the idea of bringing inexpensive 3D Scanning and Printing to the retail market. Most (if not all) companies scanning people were doing so for the purpose of creating a 3D Print of that person. And typically these prints would go for upwards of a few hundred dollars, that's a lot of scratch people. So what happened to the Avatar, the virtual copy? Thrown out we suspect, and that didn't sit well with us. Why not offer that to the customer at a cheap price and build products and services around that. After all with an Avatar of someone the possibilities seem endless. Video games, VR, 3D prints of all kinds of shapes and varieties, clothing, are all products that could use a good Avatar to make them a reality. 

 We have been at it now for over a year and much has been learned. Our first scanning rig, call it version 1.0, took some where between 3 to 5 minutes to scan a person. The person could not move at all, and I really mean not at all or you would have to start over. We used one scanner and a little lap top and we had to hand crank the scanner up as the person rotated slowly on a rickety scanner.So we went to work. It was all woefully inadequate for a commercial operation, people would not have been happy we thought. So we went to work. 

  The next version (version 2.0) used 3 and sometimes 4 scanners, a much more powerful scanning computer, and a significantly enhanced rotating platform to accommodate multiple people. And bingo scanning when from minutes to 40 seconds. The scanning results were much improved and the post mesh processing was mostly automated. However sadly you still have to rotate, moving could still throw the scanners off, and doing multiple people still proved to be somewhat of a thing. We made it commercially viable and most scans were good, we offered an appropriately cheap price,  but we still wanted more. We needed something better. We were determined. So once again we got to work.

  Version 3.0 is now almost complete and we are, dare I say it, pretty excited about it. In our new version we will surround you with cameras, made possible by vastly cheaper computers and cameras that have come out over the last few years. We take one simultaneous snapshot from all of these cameras and then we stitch you into a virtual version of yourself, or selves. Yes that's right, we said, selves. That means multiple, which is what after all so many have been asking for. And further, because we take a very quick snapshot feel free to bring in those little tykes that like to squirm a lot. Even the ones with fur and we will make you a keepsake of them like you've never seen before. It's all coming soon so stay posted. We are in the process of taking scanner 2.0 down and putting up scanner 3.0, and your all invited so come check it out.

June 20, 2017


We will be participating in the Easton Out Load event on Friday 6/23 from 5PM to 10PM. Join us and turn up the volume!

Activities for the evening with 3DReactions will include:

-Free Fidget Glow in the Dark Fidget Spinners - We will be giving away free Fidget Spinners for the first 5 families to come visit us

-3D Printing Demonstrations at 5:30pm, 7:30pm, and 9:30pm - Come see our 3D Printers in action and learn about this new technology and how we integrate 3D Scanning and 3D Printing.

-Free 3D Picture Giveaways - We will raffle off a free lenticular picture of your choice after each 3D Printing demonstration. A $12 value. Just like us on Facebook:)

- Create your own 3D Print - Design your own stick man and we will put your face on it. Optionally we can make a mold of your face

May 24, 2017

Flip out a little with 3DReactions with one of our Flip Photos.

Looking to do something different with your old photos? We can combine two photos into one, inside one picture. It's called a flip. You send us two photos and we can turn them into one picture that changes scenes from one image to the other. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around that take a look at our video. Best results come when you have a central figure and a static background like in our example but we can make a flip out of just about any two photos.

So with graduation and weddings coming up, don't do the same old thing. Do something different with 3DReactions and let us bring your photos to life. Prices range from $30 for a 4x6 to $70 for an 11x14 not including the frame. You will have it forever:)

Contact us for details at 3dreactions@jodaent.com or phone us at 610-438-1432. Or visit our website at www.3dreactions.com

May 18, 2017

Having a Girl? or a Boy? Want to find a special way to do your gender reveal? Look no further.

3DReactions has created a gender reveal hologram that may be perfect for you. Working with Madelines Place we have created a short hologram for the special reveal of your baby, girl or boy. In the video you will see the heart alternate colors from blue to pink over and over while the audio from your actual baby's heart drives the orbiting heart beat lines. Then the color of the heart will change to a solid blue or pink depending on the gender of the baby along with a message revealing the gender. Hearts then rain down as everyone celebrates!

We hope you like this! You can only get it from 3DReactions through Madelines Place or other sonogram companies in other areas of the country that we distribute through. Contact us for details!

May 6, 2017 

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy? Do something different and make a keepsake that you will have forever. 3DReactions and Madelines Place have worked together to create a hologram from the actual audio of your baby's heartbeat! We have created this unique experience that you can share with friends and family.

We use the audio from your baby's heartbeat to animate the beating heart with the orbiting heartbeat lines. You then use a Projection Pyramid to create the magic of a hologram that appears to float over your phone. Using a free video player available for iPhone and Android you can loop the video so that you have a constantly repeating hologram video that animates YOUR baby's heartbeat.

Contact us at 3DReactions in Easton or Madelines 3D Place in East Stroudsburg for more information about this totally unique and exciting new product.

May 1, 2017



Behold! The copper plated Badman Buddha, you see a lot of 3D Printed Batman Buddhas in the 3D Printing world. But we believe this is the top of the line Buddha. This object was originally designed by the leaper27 and we think its really cool. We printed this Buddha on a Formlabs Form 2 printer using a white resin at 100 microns per layer. Then we copper plated him in house and finished him with a black patina to give him a nice finish. This particular Buddha was on display in our store and took a lot of bumps and bruises (hence the broken ear), but he's Batman so he can take it.

Copper plating is a new way that we are finishing our products at 3DReactions. It adds a lot of character to our prints and provides our customers another option. There are many applications for copper plating and many types of finishing. We hope you like this. We'll be uploading more of these soon, or you can always come visit us in our new location at 522 Northampton St in Easton!

 April 27, 2017


We have been offline for a while reinventing ourselves in our new location at 522 Northampton St in Historic Downtown Easton. But we would like to share with all of you some recent press that we got in the Express Times and Lehigh Valley Live. We hope you enjoy this article about some of what we are doing here at 3DReactions. There is much more to come and we will have some exciting announcements coming in the near future, so stay tuned:)



February 2/6/2017

3DReactions® - opening Monday 2/13 at 522 Northampton St, Easton, PA. 18042

I am happy to report to all of our 3DReactions friends that we have successfully moved our store to the new location at 522 Northampton St in Historic Downtown Easton. We are right next to the Nurture Nature Center for anyone trying to find us before we get all of our new signage up. Right now we are freshening up our new location with a new coat of paint and getting all of our equipment setup to open on Monday 2/13. You never realize how much stuff you have until you move, that is an eternal truth:)

We are very excited to be right next to the Nurture Nature Center located in Historic Downtown Easton. We will be bringing a complete set of 3D products and services that you can not find in the Lehigh Valley (or maybe anywhere for that matter), so we are looking forward to our future in this rapidly growing district.

We have a brand new set of lenticular products and will be introducing some new services very soon so stay tuned. Shortly after opening we intend to have a grand opening that we hope you will join us for. So please keep your eye on our Facebook page and spread the word. The future is looking very bright for us here:)


John Majersky

3DReactions is moving!

January 24, 2017



3DReactions is moving to a new location in the Historic Easton Downtown area. We are so excited about the move to our new location at 522 Northampton St in Easton Pennsylvania right next to the Nurture Nature Center. This will allow us more opportunities to get out and meet with vendors, attend events, get involved with local schools, local business, and more. We are very grateful to the management and staff of the Palmer Park Mall who have been so helpful as our business has grown and we hope to have opportunities with the mall in the near not to distant future so stay tuned.

With that we will close our Palmer Park mall location effective Sunday 1/29, our last open day in the mall will be Saturday 1/28. We will then take a few weeks to open up our new location but we anticipate reopening around mid February. We will continue to provide updates via Facebook and our website.

We want to thank our loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning and seen the growth of 3DReactions. 3DReactions gets a lot of return business and we see that as a testament to our great products and service. We have many exciting plans for the future that I will be detail in upcoming posts. We hope you will join us at our new location!