Then And Now – Ideas for your old Photos

In this installment of Lenticular Flip Photo Ideas, we’ll talk about #thenandnow ideas for your photos. Flip Photos are a magical way to combine two of your photos into one! As you walk by or turn your photo, it will transition from one image to another.

Think about showcasing a picture of yourself at a certain age and then see it transition to your child or parent when they were the same age. There are so many ‘Then and Now’ ideas, but we started a list to get your juices flowing. 

  • Child to adult

  • Mom at 21 years old and daughter at 21 years old

  • Wedding to anniversary

  • Couple before children, then family photo with children 

  • Retirement, such as a young adult in military to retiring from the military

  • Engagement to wedding

  • Puppy to dog

  • Kitten to cat

  • Grade school child to graduation picture

Our Flip Photo sizes range from wallet size to 12×16″. Just send us your two photos, we’ll process your photos and apply the lenticular lens to give it the flip effect. We always do our best to clean up your photos and can fix many issues. Visit our page to learn more about Lenticular Printing 

Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or for yourself, ‘Then and Now’ photos are a thoughtful way to bring those old photos out of the shoe box and showcase them in a unique way. 

Then And now Samples

anniversary then and now photo ideas
pet age then and now photo ideas