Lenticular Blank Sheet Update

 For our many valued customers that have purchased lenticular blank sheets from us in the past, we have some important updates.

As of 12/8/2022 any Lenticular Blank Sheets purchased on 3dreactions.com, Etsy, or Amazon will pull from our new inventory of lenticular 50LPI Sheets. The U.S based manufacturer that was our supplier for several years unfortunately stopped selling lenticular sheets, so we needed to seek a supplier. We have found a new supplier and are fully stocked with 50LPI lenticular sheets.

The specifications for the new sheets are almost identical to the old sheets with a few exceptions. The new sheets have a 54 degree viewing angle and are 50LPI (Lenses Per Inch), which is the same as old lenticular sheets. These specs make these sheets ideal for motion and flip lenticulars.

There are just a few changes between the old sheets and the new sheets that we need to make you aware of. 

Firstly, the new sheets are 0.7mm thick, the old sheets were 0.6mm thick. That may not sound like a lot, but when you feel them both the difference is noticeable to the touch. The new sheets feel much more like the older 40LPI sheets that we used to sell in that they are thicker and are also a little stiffer as well. 

More importantly, you will need to do a pitch test with the new sheets. If you have been using a certain pitch with the sheets from our old manufacturer, that pitch will not work with these sheets. The pitch from lenticular sheets can vary slightly even from a single manufacturer, but they vary significantly between suppliers. So it is vital to do a pitch test to get good results.

In general we find the new sheets to be on par with the old lenticular sheets. The thickness of them does make them feel like they are higher quality. And in our unscientific test these sheets do seem to be more vibrant. We have also found that these sheets have less curvature overall, although they still have some.

With some image colors and lighting conditions the new sheets may show a slight vertical banding during the transition from one frame to another. We do not find it noticeable when viewing the image, but mainly during the transition. Further we do not notice it on all sheets, lighting conditions, and image colors. 

Lenticular Printing can do amazing and cool things and we sincerely hope that you find these new sheets to be an asset to your lenticular projects.

John Majersky