Lenticular Blanks 50LPI – No adhesive backing


Are you interested in making your own lenticular? Lenticular pictures are fun to make and they all have one thing in common, the lenticular sheet. Our lenticular sheet specifications are as follows:

  • 50 LPI (Lenses Per Inch) Lenses for flip and motion
  • Exceptionally clear for optimal transitions
  • NO adhesive backing
  • 54° viewing angle, 0.0275″ inches thick
  • Easy to cut or die-cut
  • Ships quickly. 1-3 business day


NOTE: Existing customers, please note that as of 12/8/2022 our sheets are from a new manufacturer. These sheets are 0.7mm thick, the old sheets were 0.6mm thick. In addition you must do a pitch test with the new sheets, the pitch will be slightly different. Read more about this on our blog page here

Additional information

Additional Product Information


Are you interested in making your own lenticular pictures? Lenticular pictures are fun to make and they all have one thing in common, the lenticular sheet. Lenticular sheets contain “lenticules”, or lenses that run the length of the lenticular sheet. These lenses are a key ingredient in the making of a lenticular picture. When combined with a vertically interlaced image they create the flip effect which tricks your eye into seeing an image transition from one to another.

Lenticular sheets are made of exceptionally clear PET plastic and made to the exacting standards required to create a proper lenticular effect. These lenses are delivered with no adhesive backing. If you are hand laminating your lenticulars,  you will need to add optically clear adhesive backing to attach these lenses to a vertically interlaced image. We also sell lenticular blanks with adhesive backing.

Our 50 LPI lenses are 0.0275″ thick (0.7mm) with a lenticular width of 0.0200″. They provide a viewing angle of 54° which is an appropriate angle for flip and motion effects.

The lenticular blanks are wrapped with a piece of cardboard paper between each sheet and send in an appropriate sized box or thick envelope.



Lense Quirks

Lenticular Sheets are made from very tough PETG plastic. However this plastic can scratch very easily. Almost all lenticular sheets have small scratches which happens during movement of the sheets during manufacturing and transport. Every effort is made to reduce scratching, but they do happen. Take care when handling to reduce the amount of wear on the sheets.

Silvering is what happens when small air pockets get caught between optically clear tape and the surface of the clear plastic sheet. Special care is taken when applying the optically clear tape to the lenticular sheet, but there are always some small air pockets, dust, or other contaminates that can occur.

Silvering and Scratching are a constant issue when creating lenticular pictures using cold lamination. We do our best to mitigate each of these but they do occur. Unfortunately lenticular lenses can tend to amplify imperfections because they can magnify the problem depending on where the imperfection is being viewed from. Some angles may show a scratch or silvering effect, while other angles make them almost imperceptible. We do our best to eliminate both of these issues, but they can and do occur.

Lenticular Blanks are non-refundable.

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