Lenticular Photo Flip

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FLIPPING PHOTOS: Unveil the captivating charm of our custom Lenticular Photo Flip pictures, designed to seamlessly transition between your cherished photos as you turn or walk by. Transform your memories or artwork into a stunning flipping or animation effect, available in sizes ranging from wallet to wall poster size.

  • Effortless Photo Submission: Upload your photos above, or simply email them to 3dreactions@jodaent.com.
  • Amazing Value on Duplicate Copies: Choose multiple copies of your lenticular creation at a discounted rate – perfect for sharing the magic with loved ones.
  • Personalize Your Photo Flip: Specify your preferred primary picture in the Order Notes, and we’ll ensure that image is displayed when viewing the lenticular straight ahead.


Embrace the mesmerizing allure of Lenticular Photo Flip pictures and turn your treasured moments into a dynamic visual masterpiece.

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Additional Product Information


Experience Magical Memories: Discover the enchanting world of Photo Flip Lenticular pictures, designed to bring your cherished moments to life. Watch as your photos effortlessly ‘flip’ from one image to another, creating a captivating animation effect as you move or change your viewpoint.

Unlock the Magic of Two-in-One: Send us two of your favorite photos, and we’ll seamlessly blend them into a single mesmerizing lenticular picture.

  • Accommodates up to 3 photo flips
  • Smooth, visually stunning flip transitions
  • Photo touch-ups to fix minor imperfections
  • Special discounts for duplicate lenticular orders – perfect for gifting!

Fast Shipping & Unique Gift Ideas: We ship your order in just 3-5 business days, complete with tracking information. Our lenticular pictures make unforgettable gifts for any occasion or as a heartwarming memorial tribute.

Bulk Order Savings & Reseller Opportunities: Benefit from reduced pricing on bulk orders and reach out to us directly for reseller inquiries.

Transform your memories into an extraordinary visual experience with our Photo Flip Lenticular pictures today!



Ordering Options

  • Duplicates – save when you select duplicate copies
  • Messages – add a message to the back to add a personal touch
  • Backing Options – add either a magnetic or sticky back to your lenticular depending on how you hang

Do you need a custom size or a large order for advertisements, memorials, events, or the likes? Contact Us about custom orders or bulk pricing

Photo Tips

  • Let us know if you have a preferred primary picture that will be more visible when viewing straight on in the ‘Order notes‘ on the checkout page
  • Pick pictures of equal orientation if you can, that is all Landscape or all Portrait. If we receive a mix, we will crop photos to the most appropriate orientation
  • For smaller sized pictures, select close up photos for best results. We may zoom in on pictures as appropriate for best results
  • Send us the highest quality photos that you can
  • Typically with a motion lenticular, less is best. The more pictures used in the lenticular, the better chances of ghosting between flips.
  • Contrasting backgrounds between photos can create ghosting. We may alter the photo’s colors slightly to reduce the contrast.
  • Ghosting is where images ‘bleed’ through to another image when viewed at certain angles.
  • If you have questions about how well your images will work feel free to reach out to us at 3dreactions@jodaent.com

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