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Welcome to MEandU®2, Augment YOUR Reality

  • We put YOUR actual avatar into the action or use our game robot
  • Augment your Reality - see yourself animated in the real world (ARCore required - get it from the Google Play Store)
  • Voice activated commands
  • Record your avatar and share with friends
  • Play our fun retro game in Augmented Reality



*To see yourself you must currently get scanned in our store.  Or record a circular video of yourself and send it to us.

Additional Charges apply

See https://3dreactions.com

Place Your Avatar

  • Long press and drag your Character to the Real World or the Virtual World
  • Long press to place your Avatar into the Scene
  • In AR Mode wait until you see a surface on the floor or surface to place your Avatar
  • Use our controls to move around, jump, lie down, and more
  • Tap the Game Pad (play) button and put yourself into the action

Voice Commands

  • Tap the microphone button to give your Avatar commands


  • Say "Dance 1", "Dance 2", "jump", "lie down" or more commands. See a list of voice commands at the bottom of this page.


  • Watch yourself follow your voice instructions (limited to pre-designed animations)

Record Your Game Play

  • Tap the (rec)ord button to video record your app play


  • Tap the (rec)ord button to stop recording


  • Your video will be saved to your device


  • Use your Photo/Gallery app to share your MEandU2 experience

Play And Controls

To play, tap the Game Pad icon, then place your character followed by the first box. Once you place your first box the timer starts, so move fast. The floor will become dangerous and sap your strength once you hop on the first box so be careful not to fall!


  • Game Pad Icon - Start Game
  • Controls Button - Opens movement controls
  • Jump/Prone Button - Lower right up and down buttons
  • Rotate/Move Button - Toggles between rotate and move character
  • Levels Button - Pick your level (Game Pad Icon become Levels Button)
  • Microphone Button - Tap and say a command
  • (Rec)ord - Tap to start video record, tap again to stop
  • You can also rotate the character by tapping and rotating the circle by the feet when the movement controls are closed

More Information

App Information:

  • To use AR you must have ARCore on your phone. Search for ARCore in the play store
  • To see your own avatar, log in to the app using your 3dreactions account and your avatar will be downloaded when it is ready.
  • To have your own Avatar you must get scanned in our store or send us a video circling yourself while you are NOT moving. (Additional Charges apply)
  • To animate your avatar you will need to be scanned in our store in Easton, PA or take a video while you are in the T-POSE (Additional Charges apply) (see an example T-POSE below)
  • Recording and uploading your video will be added to our app in an up-coming version of our app




  Tap the ellipse icon at the lower left of the main screen to open the settings/login screen. Here you can:

  • Reset Avatar Positions - re-position the avatars if you misplace them
  • Show Default Avatar - You can hide our default robot if you don't want to see it
  • Master Volume - Adjust the master volume to silence game sounds
  • See if you have the Ads or Ad Free version (up charge)
  • Login to your account
  • Register on our Website
  • View Terms and Conditions


Voice Commands:

"Dance 1", "Dance 2" ... through "Dance 9"

"Jump", "Stand", "Lie Down", "Moonwalk", "Crouch", "Jog", "Sprint", "Prone", "Bow"

 Contact Us:

Please direct questions and comments to us at our email address at [email protected]

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