3DReactions Move And COVID-19 Update

To our valued customers and fellow citizens, we hope that this post finds you safe and healthy during this #COVID-19 outbreak.

So firstly for those of you that know us we have moved our business to the East Stroudsburg Innovation Center, this was a planned move before the current crises and was a move designed to reduce our expenses and make us profitable. Our move was completed on March 1st and we feel strongly that this move will allow us to continue to operate and become stronger than ever. Despite the crisis we are able to operate selling our normal lenticular pictures, 3d design work, and 3d printings services. Scanning of people is not possible at this time.

With that we have all heard about 3D Printing in the news as it relates to the current out break. Our health care workers and first responders may be in a situation where they may not have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to shield them from the virus as they are helping patients. #3DPrinting to the rescue. There are already a plethora of new masks and shield designs available to 3D Print and the repository is growing rapidly.

As part of our civic duty we have moved all of our 3D Printing capacity to our home location so that we can produce supplies in a clean controlled environment. In addition #3DReactions will be taking part in an ongoing effort in conjunction with with one of our local colleges and other 3D Printing companies to see how we can best pool our resources to help the best we can. We have already produced a few types of masks and shields, and would like a medical professional to let us know which of these may be effective, needed, and useful. We have included pictures or the #Prusa #RC2 face shield which was designed by #Prusa in conjunction with Czech Ministry of Health, we can produce these quickly.

On that note, if there are medical professionals in the area and you have a need we would like to talk to you. We can provide 3D Printing services and we can design and print replacement parts quickly and efficiently. All products will be billed at cost so that we can keep our operations going.

3DReactions and our employees believe strongly in good citizenship and we are committed and ready as a company to assist in anyway possible to bring the products and services required to help meet the demands of this crisis. All of our staff are now working from home and we are setup and ready to collaborate as a team to meet the challenges that are sure to come.

We will provide updates on what PPE we can provide, at what cost, and at what speed in the near future. We are working to determine how many of these we can provide with our current inventory and are keeping a close eye on the supply chain to ensure that we can continue to print these.

Please stay safe and healthy during this crises.