Batman Buddha!

Front and back views of a 3D printed and electroplated Batman buddha

Behold! The copper plated Batman Buddha. You see a lot of 3D Printed Batman Buddhas in the 3D Printing world. But we believe this is the top of the line Buddha. This object was originally designed by the leaper27 and we think its really cool. We printed this Buddha on a Formlabs Form 2 printer using a white resin at 100 microns per layer. Then we copper plated him in house and finished him with a black patina to give him a nice finish. This particular Buddha was on display in our store and took a lot of bumps and bruises (hence the broken ear), but he’s Batman so he can take it.

Copper plating is a new way that we are finishing our products at 3DReactions. It adds a lot of character to our prints and provides our customers another option. There are many applications for copper plating and many types of finishing. We hope you like this. We’ll be uploading more of these soon, or you can always come visit us in our new location at 522 Northampton St in Easton!