Welcome to 3DReactions! We offer a range of 3D related services such as 3D Scanning and Printing as well as traditional 2D photo alterations and services. Located in Historic Downtown Easton Pennyslvania, come step into the future and see what we have to offer for consumers and businesses.

3D Crystals (new!)

Amazing, Beautiful, Fast, From your Photos

Simply send us one of your favorite photos and we will turn it into a beautiful 3D image inside of an amazingly clear Crystal at the size of your choice. These Crystals are perfect for just about any occasion but very popular for pet lovers, weddings, anniversaries, remembrance, or just to preserve that moment in time in a truly unique and personalized way. 

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3D Full Body Scans

Video from MEandU2 App

Fast, Affordable, Augmented Reality

  • $30  - non animating Avatar
  • $45  - animated Avatar
  • Takes 2-3 seconds, just stand there - no rotating platforms to stand on
  • Augmented Reality via our MEandU2 app  
  • See yourself in a video game or give yourself voice commands
  • We can scan multiple people, small children, and pets
  • How do we do it? - See our youtube video


* (prices not inclusive of tax)

MEandU® 2 App - Augment Your Reality

Our MEandU®  2 App is a brand new version of our app that takes 3D scans of people and objects to the next level. You can now see your self as a fully animated game character inside our game. 

  • Augmented Reality - place your animated (or non animated) character into the real world
  • Animations - See your avatar dance, run, jump, crawl, and much more
  • Voice Activated Commands - With only your voice you can give commands to your avatar
  • Retro Game Play - We have added a fun retro gram into the app that you can play in AR
  • Record Your Avatar - Record you avatar in motion or at play and share easily

Download our app today! You can find it on the Google Play store, sorry iPhone users we will be ready for you in a few months


3D Printing

Personalized full body or head busts of your kids, friends, family, whomever and whatever  

Once you have been scanned we can 3D print a your avatar into a figurine for you in several size scales within a week. Great for special occasions like weddings, sporting events, holidays, or any occasion.

3DPrinting of objects and avatars now available in our store. See some of our samples below. We can also print in white, grey, and black plastic. This material is very durable and can be primed and painted.

Prices for 3D printed figurines start at $18 for our key chained size print (see below) or visit our product page for details.


A more complex example of one of our prints on a lighted base. This scan was done in our store on a rotating platform. The scan was done with the instrument on the scanner and this was printed as a single solid piece. Come see us or call us for pricing this kind of print.

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Professional 3D Design & Business Services

Do you need an object specially designed for yourself or for your business? Have an idea that you would like to bring to life? We will work with you to design it and make it a reality. 

3DReactions can help you design or advertise your products in 3D. We have a knowledge base and team experienced in 3D Design/Modeling, 3D Printing, Lenticular and Flip photos, and 3D software development for your iPhone app, Android App, or the web. Let us collaborate with your to bring you products to life like never before.