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3D Crystals

Amazing, Beautiful, Fast, From your Photos

Simply send us one of your favorite photos and we will turn it into a beautiful 3D image inside of an amazingly clear Crystal at the size of your choice. These images have real depth in the crystal rather than just being a flat image you will see the curvature and texture of your picture inside the crystal as if you are really in there. We also offer lighted Keychains sizes starting at only $70 for 2.

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3D Full Body Scans


3D Full Body Scans 

Get a 3D scan of yourself at our location or create your own DIY scan with just a video that you send to us

Then 3D Print your scan with us or see yourself in Augmented Reality with our MEandU App

You can also check out our online Avatar Viewer to see some of our scans online

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3D Design | 3D Print

Have something you need printed? Send it to us or we can design something special to bring your ideas to life. See just a few examples below, we can design anything you can think of!

Design Something Amazing

Print Something Amazing

3D Photography

The BEST place to get a custom Flip or Lenticular Photo at a reasonable price. These make amazing gifts. 

Business Services

3DReactions can help you design or advertise your products in 3D. We have a knowledge base and team experienced in 3D Design/Modeling, 3D Printing, Lenticular and Flip photos, and 3D software development for your iPhone app, Android App, or the web. Let us collaborate with you to bring your products to life like never before.

  • Collaborate - Meet with our team to discuss your needs 
  • Design - With our Design and 3D Printing experience we will prepare your model for printing
  • 3D Print - We offer FDM and SLA style printing in a variety of material types from touch to flexible
  • Implement - Be it a 3D Print or an Awesome 3D Lenticular we will bring your idea to life

Design Services for 3D Modeling start at $30 per/hour, if you don't already know that is a great rate!

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