Lenticular Blank Sheet Update

Image of 3 packages of lenticular blank sheets

 For our many valued customers that have purchased lenticular blank sheets from us in the past, we have some important updates. As of 12/8/2022 any Lenticular Blank Sheets purchased on 3dreactions.com, Etsy, or Amazon will pull from our new inventory of lenticular 50LPI Sheets. The U.S based manufacturer that was our supplier for several years […]

Zombie Lenticular Flips 2022

OOOOH BE AFRAID! Or just have fun with our Custom Halloween Zombie Lenticular Flip Pictures. See yourself transition into a zombie as you walk by or turn your flip photo. Just send us your pic to zombify you. We will then create this ‘flipping’ effect by printing both images on a lenticular lens. Our Zombie […]

Ideas For your graduation photos

Graduation Flip Photo

Congratulations Graduates! Today’s installment of Lenticular Flip Picture Ideas is dedicated to #graduation. To graduates of all ages, we say ‘Hooray, you did it’.  It is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Lenticular Flips – Ideas for your Kids Sport Photos

Flip Photo

  Ideas for your Kid Sport Photos Today’s installment of Lenticular Flip Picture Ideas is dedicated to #kidsports. If you have kids in a sport (or even multiple sports!), your phone may be overflowing with photos. And, we can’t forget about portraits taken in their uniform by a professional photographer.  So we get it, there are […]

Then And Now – Ideas for your old Photos

pet age then and now photo ideas

In this installment of Lenticular Flip Photo Ideas, we’ll talk about #thenandnow ideas for your photos. Flip Photos are a magical way to combine two of your photos into one! As you walk by or turn your photo, it will transition from one image to another. Think about showcasing a picture of yourself at a […]

Lenticular Frames – By 3DReactions

Easter Bunny Picture Holders

3DReactions lenticular frames are special photo holders that attach to the side of our lenticulars. All of the frames found on our website were designed by 3DReactions to fit perfectly around our lenticulars. We have created numerous themed frames that either attach to one side of our smaller lenticulars(up to 5×7), or bookend our larger […]

How we make a custom lenticular flip

How We Make A Custom Lenticular Flip

Custom lenticular flip pictures make a great way to showcase a couple of your favorite photos. Through an illusion of light a lenticular flip image can transition through 2-3 photos as you turn or tilt it. This short video shows how we make this little magic trick happen using a couple of photos from a […]

Let there be “structured” light

   3D Scanning is very cool technology, it was a big part of our original business model and why we started this journey of ours. The idea, and maybe this will sound familiar, is to provide replacement parts for products that you can no longer buy because the original supplier no longer makes the part, […]